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AI Learning Hub

Our AI learning hub gives you unlimited access to exclusive courses, masterclasses, downloadable resources and live training.  New content is published every week, and existing content is continuously updated. 
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Lesson series

Expert Masterclasses

We've curated the best AI experts from around the world for a series of practical, engaging masterclasses. Drew Brucker, Audrey Chia, Jonathan Parsons, Isabella Bedoya and many more teach you AI skills from their area of expertise.  All subscribers get access to all masterclasses. 

Mini Courses

How many unfinished courses have you got in your inbox? We kept ours short and sweet so you can finish them.  Subscribers get a range of mini courses, from 30 mins to 2 hours long, packed with videos, resources, assessments and certificates.

New courses are added every month, so you can keep up the pace of learning. 
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Resource Library

A continuously updated library of downloadable playbooks, cheat sheets, ebooks, templates, webinars and mini guides.  Share with your team, work through at your leisure - it's there for you to use any time you need.

Live Training

Do you prefer to interact? Do you listen more when it's live?

Join our Founder live, every single week in collaborative sessions, such as Ask Me Anything on Mondays at 4pm, Prompt School (coming soon) and webinars with special guests. 
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Multi-seat subscriptions start at just £15 per person.