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Who we are

It started with a newsletter. Originally, Heather Murray wanted to learn how AI could help improve the efficiency of her marketing agency, Beesting Digital. But after becoming obsessed with ChatGPT (and even using it on Christmas day), she decided to make it her mission to help fellow non-technical people learn about, benefit from, and stay up to date with AI. Heather launched the AIFNT newsletter in May 2023 before broadening her horizons to training, speaking, consultancy and finally, the launch of this site in March 2024.
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Our purpose

We believe that AI should be for everyone, not just those from a technical background. We deliberately create simple, jargon-free training to make it as accessible no matter how much AI knowledge you currently have. And we've tried our best to keep costs low to remove barriers for as many people as we can. No matter who you are, what you do, or what your background is - you deserve to benefit from AI.


AI trainers are cropping up everywhere - so why choose AI for Non Techies? 

Expert masterclasses

You'll be led by known AI enthusiast Heather Murray, but we have plenty of contributors: AI experts, creators of AI tools, even technology lawyers.

Live learning

AIFNT members will have access to exclusive live events - from prompt workshops to FAQ sessions.

Engaging, up-to-date content

We move quickly, continually creating brand new content that covers trending tools and topics. We also regularly review and update content as AI progresses, so it's always fresh and relevant.

A community spanning countries and continents




Meet your instructor

Heather is an AI expert, Top 20 MarTech influencer, international speaker and Founder of AI for Non-Techies. Regularly featured in Forbes magazine, Heather brings energy and enthusiasm to the world of AI, her jargon-free approach helping people overcome confusion or fear when it comes to where to start.

Heather has formed powerful working partnerships with Salesforce, Nokia and Starling and drove $75m in client pipeline in 2023, all with the help of AI. Passionate about purposeful business, Heather and her team uses 20% of all profits to run hands-on work with isolated elderly people.
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