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  • A wide range of AI training courses, from absolute beginner to AI builders 
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  • Details of 1:1 AI advisory services for a more bespoke service
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"It's rare to come across someone who can genuinely demystify the complexities of AI in a way that resonates with everyone, regardless of their technical background."

monica calinescu
heidelberg materials
"The first AI trainers I talked to that really understood what I was after and the challenges I had. We found them very friendly, enthusiastic, energetic and their AI knowledge is second to none."

julia steiner
SIta aerospace
“Heather’s AI training is a game-changer for beginners. Her clear, easy-to-understand approach demystifies AI."

nina young
surveyors uk

Engaging AI training for all types of teams

Virtual or in-person

Virtual or in-person

Whether you're a global remote team, or you're gathered locally, we're able to provide engaging, effective training that will be remembered for a long time afterwards. 

Training materials

Your journey doesn't stop with our training session. We provide bespoke slide decks, playbooks, templates, cheat sheets - plenty to get your teeth into.

Catering to all levels

We're frequently asked to deliver training to mixed ability groups.  We're able to provide training on multiple levels at once, and constantly interact to check it's hitting the mark. 

Practical skills

The best way to learn AI is to get your hands on the actual technology and give it a go.  Our training includes plenty of live, interactive demos to encourage practical learning.

Your Trainer

Heather Murray is a top AI voice on LinkedIn, known for her no-jargon approach to explaining all things AI.  Having driven $75m of client sales using AI tools via her marketing agency, Heather found a real passion for generative AI, dedicating herself for several years into learning about practical use cases within a business context.  Heather is now a top 20 martech influencer globally, regularly featured in Forbes, with a following of 50k on LinkedIn and 30k on her email newsletter. 
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