Masterclass: Midjourney with Drew Brucker

In this masterclass, Midjourney maestro Drew Brucker teaches you everything you need to know to harness AI's coolest generative art tool.





Drew Brucker


1 hour

About the masterclass

In this masterclass, you'll get to grips with the basics of Midjourney. You'll also get some expert tips, tricks and secrets to kickstart your own Midjourney, well, journey. That includes:

Set up for success

Drew will take you through all of the settings you need to know to get the best results possible - and he'll give you recommendations for each one based on his experience, too.

Jargon explained

Parameters? Vary? Region? Niji? Don't worry, Drew will explain what all of the Midjourney-specific terms mean and how to use each one.

Trial and error

Drew will take you through the whole generation process from start to finish and show you how to reiterate to generate the perfect image.

Who is this masterclass for?

#1 Start-up Founders

Create MVP versions of everything your start-up needs with ease. From gorgeous logos, to branding inspo, to eye-catching social and website designs.

#2 Creatives

Midjourney produces beautiful graphics in minutes, so creatives can quickly create concepts to accompany their projects - whether it's a writer visualising a novel, or a musician a song or album.

#3 Graphic Designers

Midjourney doesn't have to be the enemy for a designer. Use it to quickly visualise ideas, brainstorm new angles, or even to turn around last minute jobs.

Drew Brucker

Peers describe Drew as a curious trailblazer that lives at the intersection of creativity and marketing. A proven and award-winning marketing leader, he has scaled high-growth b2b SaaS startups for the last decade. His work was recently recognised by the American Marketing Association where he was named to their 4 Under 40 List. He's also a multidisciplinary creative with experience across photography, design, branding, and digital/AI art. His experience across creative disciplines includes a track record of leading creative teams, developing impactful brand identities, and executing high-impact marketing campaigns across both digital and traditional channels. Currently, he's focused on driving novel brand and creative direction for companies that want to leverage the power of AI in their visual storytelling.