ChatGPT Plus: DallE-3

Learn how to create a range of images using the DallE-3 image generation tool in ChatGPT Plus.



Heather Murray




60 minutes

About the course

In this next section of our Complete ChatGPT Plus course, we're looking at DallE-3, OpenAI's image generation tool: how to prompt, business cases and its limitations. 

In-depth Guides

This course comes with several downloadable, in-depth guides to further your learning when it comes to prompting image generation tools like DallE-3. 

Short and sweet

Like all of our courses, it is bite sized so it doesn't end up lying half-complete in your inbox with the rest of your online courses.  We believe short gets done.

Business Cases

Yes, it's fun to use, but DallE-3 actually does have some decent business cases - from initial drafts of ideas to product "photography" and even book cover design. 

Course Lessons

Heather Murray

Heather is an AI expert, Top 20 MarTech influencer, international speaker and Founder of AI for Non-Techies (AI training and learning hub). Regularly featured in Forbes magazine, Heather brings energy and enthusiasm to the world of AI, her jargon-free approach helping people overcome confusion or fear when it comes to where to start. Heather has formed powerful working partnerships with Salesforce, Nokia and Starling and drove $75m in client pipeline in 2023, all with the help of AI. Passionate about purposeful business, Heather and her team uses 20% of all profits to run hands-on work with isolated elderly people.