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Our membership hub gives you unlimited access to masterclasses, live training and downloadable resources.

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Private group training (online and in-person), designed to motivate, inspire and upskill your team with vital AI skills.

AI Advisory

Work 1:1 with our Founder when integrating AI into your business: tools, frameworks, policies and more. 

Our non-techie community spans the globe

Before there was the AIFNT site, there was the newsletter.

Started by Heather in May 2023, its purpose was to give fellow non-techies a way to learn about and stay up to date on AI - without getting lost in complex technical talk.

Since then, the AI for Non Techies community has grown to more than 24,000 subscribers across 20 countries.  We've taught 8000 people in our webinars, and we've loved every second.




Jargon-free learning

We believe that AI should be for everyone - not just those with a technical background. We keep AI as accessible as possible by explaining tricky concepts as simply as we can. We'll never bore you with buzzwords or confuse you with complex technical jargon.

You'll be led by AI enthusiast, bubbly Brummie and certified non-techie Heather Murray.
“AI is for everyone, not just technical people”

Heather Murray

CEO & AI Expert
AI for Non-Techies, Beesting Digital
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See what our clients have to say...

“Heather’s training is clear, comprehensive and always so practical and actionable. She brings such value - she’s our secret weapon!”
"It's rare to come across someone who can genuinely demystify the complexities of AI in a way that resonates with everyone, regardless of their technical background."
Monica Calinescu
“Heather’s AI training is a game-changer for beginners. Her clear, easy-to-understand approach demystifies AI."
Nina Young

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