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(Prompting Playbook)
How to Use ChatGPT to Write LinkedIn Posts

From understanding your audience to training ChatGPT to sound just like you, this prompting playbook shows you exactly how you can speed up the process of creating killer LinkedIn posts.

21 pages of prompts

Playbook contents

Each chapter will provide our readers with practical examples, exercises, and real-world scenarios to help them apply what they have learned. By the end of the eBook, the reader will have a solid foundation in programming and be ready to tackle more advanced topics.


Tone of Voice

AI doesn't have to sound boring and generic.  This prompt will help you train ChatGPT in your very own tone of voice, so it sounds much more like you.


Pain points

Great posts are based around solving the pains/problems your audience has.  You'll empathise, attract their attention and build credibility using pains.
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Post Ideas

Never scratch your head trying to think of post topics again.  This prompt gives you a never-ending list of brilliant post ideas, tailored for your audience.



The final step will make sure that the posts you've written fit with that tone of voice you set at the beginning.