Masterclass: Streamlined AI Prompting

Join Tara Thompson for a masterclass on Streamlined AI Prompting. Tara covers the fundamental principles of writing effecting AI prompts, pushes past the basics with looped prompts and considers different techniques to cover a wide range of tasks. 

Never buy a pre-made prompt book or resource again!





Tara Thompson


30 minutes

About the masterclass

What You'll Gain
Explore key insights and practical strategies to get the most out of your AI prompts. Each section below highlights the valuable skills and tools you'll acquire in this masterclass. 

The fundamental principles of writing effective AI prompts

Beyond the basics: Condition and feedback loop prompts

Apply different prompting techniques for a wide range of tasks

Tara Thompson

AI Workshop Leader & Speaker  
Hello there, I design and deliver AI workshops and talks for beginners, including professionals and business leaders keen to expand their AI knowledge. Known for their clear structure and approachable content, my sessions aim to explain AI workflows and integrations in real-world applications. Using analogies, I make complex AI concepts familiar and engaging, which helps my audience to integrate AI tools confidently into their business and personal lives. See you on the other side.