ChatGPT Plus: Advanced Data Analysis

Dig into the most capable part of ChatGPT Plus.  Start to understand your data with no data analysis experience needed. 





Heather Murray


2 hours

About the course

Learn all about one of ChatGPT's coolest - and most practical - tools: Advanced Data Analysis. This introduction covers everything you need to know, including...

Getting started

Get a practical introduction to Advanced Data Analysis that's useful for complete beginners, including how to access it and how to prime it for your data.


Discover the features that Advanced Data Analysis brings to the table, such as data analysis, data visualisation, and data cleaning.

Data protection

Learn how ChatGPT uses your data and what to consider when using Advanced Data Analysis - and more importantly, discover how to protect it.

Who is this course for?

#1 Marketers and content creators

Advanced Data Analysis makes reporting - and refining - easy. Analyse and identify trends in your data and tailor your strategy accordingly.

#2 Founders

Assess market conditions, assess customer sentiment, identify sales and marketing trends, and much more. Advanced Data Analysis gives founders and entrepreneurs confidence - and more time back in the day.

#3 Students or researchers

With Advanced Data Analysis, primary research becomes easy. Assess large quantities of data with ease for primary research, visualising results along the way.


Short video lessons and  tutorials to keep you focused.


Helpful infographics and workflows for practical integration.


Put your learning to the test.


Earn a certificate at the end of the course.
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Course Lessons

Heather Murray

Heather is an AI expert, Top 20 MarTech influencer, international speaker and Founder of AI for Non-Techies (AI training and learning hub). Regularly featured in Forbes magazine, Heather brings energy and enthusiasm to the world of AI, her jargon-free approach helping people overcome confusion or fear when it comes to where to start. Heather has formed powerful working partnerships with Salesforce, Nokia and Starling and drove $75m in client pipeline in 2023, all with the help of AI. Passionate about purposeful business, Heather and her team uses 20% of all profits to run hands-on work with isolated elderly people.