Masterclass: Build Your First Custom GPT

Fancy building your very own bespoke AI Assistant? Valeriya Pilkevich guides you through exactly how to create your very first Custom GPT on ChatGPT. 





Valeriya Pilkevich


30 minutes

About the masterclass

Custom GPTs are like your very own tailored chatbot, programmed to help you with specific tasks, and trained on knowledge of your choice. 

Step by step building

Valeriya will take you step by step through exactly how to build a Custom GPT on ChatGPT, from start to finish.

Format knowledge

Understand the requirements for structuring and formatting knowledge base files for your brand new Custom GPT. 

Test and troubleshoot

What if something doesn't turn out quite right? Learn the basics of testing and troubleshooting to fix any problems,

Valeriya Pilkevich

AI & Marketing Consultant with a proven track record of delivering Marketing Analytics projects for Fortune 500 companies. Specialised in the development of AI solutions for various marketing use cases and workflow automation. Passionate about empowering businesses and individuals with practical AI strategies through hands-on trainings and workshops.