AI for Copywriting with Audrey Chia

Join Audrey Chia in this AI for copywriting masterclass. Learn produce quality copy in 70% less time by creating a hybrid model that uses human talent and AI.





Audrey Chia


50 minutes

About the course

What if you could produce quality content in 70% less time? In this workshop, learn how to harness AI to create persuasive narratives that convert and champion a future-forward approach to marketing.

Prompting for copy

AI is notoriously bad at creating content - or is it? Audrey breaks down prompting best practices to generate quality copy that you can actually use in your business.

Practical resources

Audrey's workshop is packed full of value, with practical use cases, resources, case studies, and AI tool recommendations for you to check out.

Humans working with AI

As a writer herself, Audrey doesn't advocate for the robots to take over entirely - she teaches you how to create a hybrid model that combines human skill with AI efficiency.

Who is this masterclass for?

#1 Marketers

Reactive marketing made easy. Generate copy more efficiently - without compromising quality - for any campaign.

#2 Founders

Quickly and simply build the foundations of your brand and close more sales with compelling copy - that actually converts.

#3 Content creators

Whether you're a freelance copywriter or a social media creator, ramp up efficiency by working with, not against, AI.

Audrey Chia

Audrey Chia is the founder of Close with Copy, a hybrid human-AI copywriting consultancy that specialises in helping brands scale with speed. Her diverse experience spans launching campaigns for Nike, IKEA, and Samsung at BBH Asia Pacific, to driving growth at startups through strategic, conversion-focused content. Audrey's effective use of AI in marketing is demonstrated by her LinkedIn growth, from 0 to 20,000 followers in eight months. She believes in a hybrid approach that combines the best of artificial intelligence with human insight to develop quality content that converts