AI for Canva with Jonathan Parsons

Join the brilliant Jonathan Parsons to explore Canva's epic AI offering, Magic Studio.





Jonathan Parsons


45 minutes

About the masterclass

In this workshop guided by the Canva King himself, you'll explore Canva's suite of magic AI tools, including:

Magic Media

Explore how to generate new images and videos from simple text prompts with Magic Media.

Magic Design

Discover how to create beautiful, on-brand designs in seconds with Canva's Magic Design.

Magic Morph

Learn how to quickly and easily transform words and shapes using the Magic Morph tool.

Who is this masterclass for?

#1 Solopreneurs 

Bring your ideas - and brand - to life without a team behind you.

#2 Social Media Managers

Create beautiful designs in seconds for agile, quick marketing.

#3 Designers

Work with AI, not against it, for ideation or quick creation.

Jonathan Parsons

My name is Jonathan Parsons (JP) and I am a content creator on LinkedIn who creates content focused on AI applications in Marketing. I like to share practical use cases and educate my audience on how to leverage AI in their Marketing workflow. I also create all of my own content using Canva. By doing so I have found many unique ways to utilise the Canva platform and have mastered its tools - knowledge I also share on LinkedIn and in masterclasses. Finally I have a weekly newsletter called ’The Marketing Advantage’ that focuses on AI news, prompts, tools, tips & tricks.