Will AI Kill Marketing?

Join the "Will AI Kill Marketing?" debate, where brilliant women in AI marketing discuss key insights. Delve into Sam Altman's provocative statement, explore the rise of AI influencers and voice calling, and enjoy engaging analogies comparing AI content to artisanal bread. Learn about AI's potential, our excitement, and concerns. This is just the beginning—stay tuned for more sessions! Watch the full recording now!
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Enjoyed the live debate discussing "Will AI Kill Marketing?"

Here is our Mega AI Marketing Guide. This one is an absolute corker. Designed by 7 AI experts: Heather Murray, Audrey Chia, Valeriya Pilkevich, Tara Thompson, Isabella Bedoya, Nancy Bain and Jo Lambadijeva, this is a series of tools and chained prompts that will radically up your AI marketing game.