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How To Use ChatGPT To Write LinkedIn Posts

Don't know where to start when it comes to writing LinkedIn posts? We'll show you what ChatGPT can (and can't) do to help you get content out there.

What is it?

This playbook will show you how you can use ChatGPT to brainstorm, draft and edit LinkedIn posts.

: Unfortunately it can't write them for you yet, but we've covered that too.


Don't know where to start? ChatGPT can give you loads of ideas.

Tone of voice

"ChatGPT sounds nothing like me!" We'll show you how to fix that.

Pain points

Teach ChatGPT all about your audience's pain points to get super tailored ideas.


Unfortunately, ChatGPT can't write the posts for you but our structure will help you write your own.

Refine and edit

Use ChatGPT to score your posts and then edit and refine - repeat as needed.

Expert help

Struggling with any of the steps? Want copy and paste prompts? Just pop us a message.