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ChatGPT For LinkedIn Outreach

This prompt playbook is specifically designed to help sales leaders with their prospecting on LinkedIn - powered, of course, by the superpower that is ChatGPT. 

What is it?

An in-depth playbook that uses the power of ChatGPT4 and hyper personalisation to help sales leaders with their prospecting on LinkedIn.

Note: This playbook is best for those with high ticket leads (£50k right up to £1m). If you have lower ticket leads, you can still use elements but the full playbook will be too granular and too much effort for these.

Tone of voice

Train ChatGPT so that the content it produces sounds exactly like something you'd write yourself.

Message writing

ChatGPT doesn't know what a good LinkedIn messaging sequence looks like - let's fix that.


Analyse your prospects to work out exactly how you should be speaking to them for the best results.


Hyper personalisation is key to standing out on LinkedIn. We'll show you how to do it effectively.

Mega value

Create two super high value pieces of content that you can give away to your prospects for free.

Messaging sequence

Create a full messaging sequence from introduction to (hopefully!) conversion, in a fraction of the time it would normally take.