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Build a Business in 3 Hours with AI

In this prompting playbook, you'll get EVERYTHING you need to devise, build and even start marketing a brand new business, all using the power of AI. No budget needed. 

What is it?

An in-depth playbook showing you how you could (technically) start a business from scratch. 

: No, it doesn't replace experts, but if you're budget-free, it's a great way to test initial concepts.

The Idea

No business idea? No problem, this playbook brainstorms for you.

Marketing Analysis

Explore your audience and yor main competitors.


From a catchy name, to logos and taglines, you're covered. 

USP and Value Proposition

This playbook even covers your USP and value proposition.

Strong Offer

There's a bit of Alex Hormozi here to strengthen the power of your offer.

Content Ideas and Calendar

Get off to a strong start with a ton of relevant content ideas, and a calendar to schedule them in.